When is MVMA’s tour season?

British Columbia from June 1st - September 30th
Baja, Mexico adventures from Nov1st -March 30th

How skilled of a rider should I be to book a tour?

Our tours require a rider to be confident in their ability to ride varying terrain, in varying conditions both on and off road. A rider will need their full motorcycle licence in order to book a tour. We ask that you gauge your own abilities and experiences realistically, to ensure a great experience for yourself and others on tour. Being honest and open about your skill level will benefit everyone. When booking, you will be prompted to fill out a short survey of your riding history for our records.

What activities are available to add to the tour on half days or rest days?

The activities we can include in your package will vary based on route, however rest assured there is a huge variety of exciting experiences to include that we have personally vetted. For a detailed list of what is available for your desired route please see our tour outlines here.

Do you provide airport transfers from Vancouver to Squamish?

Yes we do, transfers are included in your tour package, as well as luggage storage.

Where do tours start and end?

Tours begin and end at our office and warehouse in Squamish, British Columbia. Squamish is located along the beautiful Sea to Sky highway approximately 40 minutes drive north of Vancouver.

What if I damage a rental bike?

We understand that bikes get beat up, we are not worried about minor scratches or damage that may occur. That is the business we are in. If there is a decent amount of damage to a motorcycle and it requires part replacements or a certified mechanic the costs will be deducted from the damage deposit with no mark up.

How does my deposit work?

A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. If you wish to cancel the tour for an unforeseen reason, the following applies:

  • Over 60 days before the tour – full refund, minus $200 

  • Under 60 - Over 30 days before tour start date - 50% refund

  • Under 30 days - No refund

What if I pay a deposit and the tour doesn’t meet the required amount of riders?

In the unfortunate event that we do not reach our minimum amount of riders needed, MVMA will look into a number of different options to keep your booking valid. We are riders ourselves and we don’t want anyone to miss out. A full refund will be an option but we will most likely run the tour regardless.

A day in the mountains is better than a day in the work shop.

How do I know the tour is confirmed? 

Once we reach the minimum number of bookings needed, everyone will be notified immediately via email.

How long do we ride each day?

Approximately 300km per day. We want to make sure you have lots of time to stop and take in British Columbia without trying to reach a destination exhausted just before or after dark.

Do I need to follow the group?

Yes, the trails mapped out are what you myst stay on at all times. Groups of 2 are generally broken apart by a few minutes to keep dust down and give you the feeling of freedom. What we want this to feel like a tour but your own personal adventure.

What riding equipment is provided and what should I bring?

We understand your riding gear is up to your personal preferences and comfort, so we always recommend bringing your own clothing and safety wear (helmet, boots, gloves, armour etc).

We have teamed up with FXR Racing to offer you custom and standard quality gear at a discounted rate that can be purchased in advance and be here waiting for you upon arrival.

Does the tour package insure me?

The tour package insures the bike you ride and any damages that might be incurred to public property. Due to the nature of motorcycle riding, personal travel insurance with inclusive health benefits is necessary. Please include your travel insurance and emergency contact information on the relevant forms at the time of booking. 

What is the maximum size of a group?

Up to 9 Motorcycles per trip (private or combined)

Do you offer ride training or tips?

Our guides are experienced adventure riders who are always happy to help. 

For those wishing to focus on improving their skills or branch out, we intermittently host pre-tour training seminars run by our friend Dan Sedlak, seasoned moto racer and owner of Sedlak Offroad School in California. Training seminars are offered at a discounted rate to anyone participating in a MVMA tour. Please inquire for more info.

What if my MVMA rental bike breaks down?

In the unlikely event that a MVMA motorcycle being operated by a client has mechanical issues, the guide(s) will surrender a bike for the guest to continue the days route. The guide will ride the remainder of the day in the support truck.

If the mechanical issue cannot be resolved a new bike from out inventory will be brought to the groups location and swapped out as soon as possible.

If a bike supplied by MVMA has a minor issue like a flat tire the guides will be on hand to take care of the dirty work while you sit back and relax.

What if I bring my own bike and it breaks down?

If you have opted to bring your own motorcycle and it has mechanical issues MVMA will do its best to resolve the issue. If your bike is experiencing major issues we will load the bike into the support truck so the tour can continue and we can offer up one of our rentals as a replacement. We strongly suggest having road side assistance & towing if you are bringing your own motorcycle.

What if there is a medical emergency?

All guides have medical first aid training to assist in the unfortunate event where a client is injured. Guides are equipped with a SPOT gps and satellite phone.

Do I need medical insurance?

YES, it is mandatory that all guests have valid travel medical emergency insurance and we strongly recommend having Medjet coverage.